bricolage (noun): the construction or creation from a diverse range of available things, or the process of doing so.

My work explore themes of nature, storytelling, and adaptive reuse, taking personally collected ephemera and manipulating materials and objects into naturalistic and nostalgic assemblages. I construct sculptural vignettes based on my love of natural history, thus creating my own cabinet of curiosities. I employ preserved insects, taxonomical items, natural artifacts, and artificial objects in my work to activate magical narratives, collecting, cataloging and documenting a dark silhouette of an organic bricolage in hopes that my works transcend the appropriated objects and transfer the viewer into a world that they have created.


Crystal Floyd is a visual artist based in Jacksonville, Florida and a current resident at CoRK Arts District. Like her subject matter, Crystal's creative output thwarts classification--darting between textiles, paint, assemblage, and plants. Her work touches on concepts of nature and fantasy, drawing from her almost obsessive desire to collect and catalog objects of inspiration; she frequently blends concepts of old and new, organic and artificial, whimsical and mundane. One detects a strong sense of history and magic at play in Crystal's visual vocabulary. This probably has lots to do with her lifelong ties to the South, an area that is as weird as it is beautiful.

Crystal has co-curated shows at the Old Library Basement and 229 North Hogan Gallery in downtown Jacksonville, Florida and curated shows for CoRK Arts District. She is currently the Event Coordinator at CoRK Arts District, Vice Chair for the Elements of MOSH and Financial Manager for Riverside Avondale Preservation. Her two person show with fellow artist Eric Gillyard, entitled "Dark Nature," won Folio's Best of Jax award for Best Art Exhibition of 2012.   She is a recipient of one of the 2013 Art Ventures Individual Artist Grants from the Community Foundation of Northeast Florida.