What is Art? at the Cummer - 50th Anniversary Celebration

In celebration of The Cummer’s 50th Anniversary, the Up & Cummers have commissioned 50 local artists under the age of 50 to collaboratively reinterpret one of the museum’s “50 Favorite” works of art, Severin Roesen’s Still Life with Flowers, Fruit and Bird’s Nest.

The finished product is an inspiring work of art that represents one of The Cummer’s most prized paintings and captures the talent that exists in Jacksonville’s artist community.

On November 5, the piece will be auctioned at The Cummer’s 50th Anniversary Ball, with the proceeds supporting an art stop at the 2012 VSA (Very Special Arts) Festival. In 2011, 2,300 children with disabilities were able to experience hands-on art projects at The Cummer through VSA.

Participating Artists:

Matthew Abercrombie - Alyssa Beard - John Beard - Josh Bergesen - Heather Blanton - Jason Campioni - Marisa Carta - Callie Cline - Deb Corbett - Megan Cosby - James Cumberland - Keith Doles - Clay Doran - Shane Douberly - Overstreet Ducasse - Candace Fasano - Crystal Floyd - Christina Foard - Jordan Avery Foster - Patrick Golden - Ed Hall - Dustin Harewood - Christie Holechek - Amber Aultman Houston - Jason John - Karen Kurycki - Rachel Levanger - Denise Liberi - Sean Mahan - Casey Matthews - Franklin Matthews - Hope McMath - Shawn Meharg - Nicole Middleton - Matthew Patterson - Madeleine Peck-Wagner - Anna Reynolds - Silvia Romero - Varick Rosete - Susan Sapinski - Erin Searcy - Amber Sesnick - Ryan Strasser - Anthony Sznakowski - Jason Tetlak - Mark Warren - Ashley Westphal - Tayloe White - Steve Williams - Barry Wilson

Finished piece

What is Art? Event at Cummer

My contribution to the piece - Embroidery & acrylic on canvas attached to board